Students focus on Aroostook County when creating ornaments for Maine’s tree in Washington

The state and County are well represented in these ornaments that will soon be on display in our nation’s capital.

“It’s a Presque Isle Tree, we don’t share that tree with anybody else, it’s just my students, 24 ornaments representing really Aroostook County and then the larger state of Maine on this one tree. So it’s kind of a special thing.”

Ellyn Whitten-Smith is the art teacher at Presque Isle High School. She encouraged her students to think of ways to represent where they live, instead of just what Maine is typically known for.

“I think representing Aroostook County is a big deal, because when people think of Maine they think of lighthouses and lobsters and Maine is so much more than that.”

The National tree lighting ceremony will be on Thursday December 5th.