Presque Isle students will show off their improv skills at global Destination Imagination competition

PRESQUE ISLE, Me (WAGM) Students from Presque Isle Middle School are honing their improv skills. The Destination Imagination squad of seven has been working together since the fall to be able to act out any and every situation thrown at them.

"For instance we had to pretend we were under a giant fan and the town was renamed to Jollyville. Just random things that you don't know what you're going to get and you have to put them together," said 8th grader Holden Stoutamyer.

Apart from enjoying the anticipation of improv, Stoutamyer says being part of this has helped him grow as a person. Destination Imagination seeks to teach students the creative process and empower them with the skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing world.

"Well I've learned new teamwork skills and different things like observation and stuff you have to open up and listen to other peoples ideas and not just think about your own," he said.

"They get to explore a bunch of different parts of themselves. They get to learn teamwork in a much smaller environment than sports teams and what not," said Julie Stephenson, the team's coach.

The group placed first in the state competition and will be headed to Tennesee for the global finals towards the end of May. A team from Presque Isle High School is also going to the worldwide competition - Sydney Craig has been part of Destination Imagination for four years.

"To be good at improv, I think that one of the most important things is to be comfortable in whatever situation you're in, and be able to think on your feet..and think fast," said Craig.

Valerie Black is a team manager at the high school.

"I love seeing the kids gain control of their own creativity and see what they can do," she said.

She's been watching students grow in this for seven years -- she loves bringing County kids to worldwide competitions.

"They might be from Northern maine but they're not limited by that...that allows them to go out in the world and compete," she said.

Skills they'll show off in competition will help them be successful later on in life.