Programs get new look at tournament

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BANGOR, Me (WAGM) - There's a new look at the tournament this year. Rene Cloukey is in Bangor at the Cross Insurance Center and shows it to us.

If you've been to a tournament game you've noticed there's a brand new program this year. It's a lot more colorful and more modern than the older programs.

"The old style had been in place for decades and we thought it was time for a change. Just as importantly we signed on with a marketing company that had the ability to print those programs in a much more cost effective way and in a more modern looking manner," said MPA executive director Dick Durost.

One of the things people like about this years programs is that it has both the North and South regionals in the program.

"That's been appreciated. I've heard people in Augusta say they like knowing what's going on up in Bangor in terms of the teams that have qualified and so forth. It makes it easier for people who bounce back and forth from site to site and not have to purchase two programs," Durost said.

And it's been a big hit, and for some people the print might be a little too small.

"As much as it positive, the only negative so far is we don't have the little section you can keep score in. Some of the older members of the media said the print was too small and they couldn't read the names and numbers. Other than that it's been very well-received," Durost explained.

So you can keep track of the Northern and Southern tournaments in one program. Reporting from the Cross Insurance Center, I'm Rene Cloukey Newssource 8.