Prosecutor's opening statement gives details of Jesse Marquis' alleged murder of Amy Theriault

Published: Jun. 14, 2016 at 6:37 PM EDT
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Jesse Marquis sits and listens in Aroostook County Superior Court as the state introduces their charge against him. Assistant attorney general John Alsop gave his opening statement on Tuesday in the murder trial of Marquis. Alsop told the jury that the evidence the state will provide will show that Marquis and Amy Theriault had a live-in relationship for more than a year. He called it a relationship in which problems had developed. The state alleges that on the night of May 30th, 2014 Theriault got a ride up to a camp where Marquis was staying and told him their relationship was over.

"This did not sit well with Mr. Marquis and over the course of the evening and night whatever feelings he may have had for her turned to rage," said Alsop.

The state alleges that Marquis went to Theriault's home in St. Francis the next morning and first assaulted her with a knife, cutting and stabbing her repeatedly..and then shot her in the chest with a hunting rifle.

"Mindful of the horrible thing that he had done he then fled up into the woods behind the house, a remote woods in the St. Francis area where he alluded pursuit for six days until he was finally arrested," said Alsop.

Alsop told the jury about the evidence they're going to see over the next few days. That evidence includes a series of photographs, poster board sized charts and diagrams that will show the area's geography and the layout of Theriault's home, and the injuries that Amy Theriault sustained. He also listed a number of objects that will be presented: the rifle Marquis allegedly used along with an empty shell casing and deformed bullet, an empty gun case, a pair of boots recovered from Marquis at the time of his arrest, photographs of those bootprints tracking blood around the house, and the knife that Marquis allegedly used to stab and cut Theriault. Alsop also told the jury they would hear from Josh and Jamie Pelletier who were eyewitnesses to the event itself.

"I think you will after all that I submit you will conclude that the state has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Jesse Marquis did in fact commit this murder," said Alsop.

Dan Umphrey is representing Jesse Marquis and gave his opening statement on Tuesday also. Umphrey encouraged the jury to keep their mind open and remember that he is innocent as he sits in court.

"The only evidence that you should consider is the credible, believable evidence that comes from the witness stand," said Umphrey.

Umphrey reminded the jury that the prosecutor is not a witness to what happened and said as the defendant in this case, Marquis is not required to prove anything. He said common sense can be dangerous in cases such as this.

"This will be a very emotional trial and you'll want to connect dots so to speak where such a connection may not exist," said Umphrey.

Family members of Amy Theriault were present at Tuesday afternoon's proceedings.

The trial will Wednesday tomorrow morning in Aroostook County Superior Court in Caribou. NewsSource 8 will of course continue to follow this trial closely and relay all the details to you as soon as we find them out.