Question 1: 2015 Maine Clean Elections

Aroostook County - Question 1 this November deals with the Maine Clean Election act, the act is a way of making sure that campaigns are supported by funds from the state not by outside influence. It was passed by popular vote in 1996; Andrew Bossie of the Maine Citizens for Clean Elections believes Question 1 would help strengthen that act. Bossie says that they would do that by increased state funding for political campaigns, "It will not raise taxes on any individual or family. It is paid for by closing wasteful corporate tax giveaways that are built into our laws."

Representative AJ Edgecomb disagrees. While he says he believes in clean elections. The funds he received to run his last year were sufficient.

"I got $5,500 for that. That was plenty to run a successful campaign. And I believe tripling that by taxing our businesses just doesn't make a lot of sense to me," said Edgecomb.

Both sides believe that people need to get out and vote on November 3rd. They regardless of what else is on the ballot, this is an important issue for Mainers.