Rare Supermoon Lunar Eclipse on Sunday

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AROOSTOOK COUNTY, ME This Sunday a unique combination of a lunar eclipse and a supermoon will light up the sky. Its commonly known as the blood moon because the moon can appear red. The moon will also appear fourteen percent larger to the naked eye.

There are multiple names for this rare event according to NASA and they are the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, Super Blood Moon, Harvest Moon Eclipse and Supermoon Eclipse.

"This rare super blood moon is a significant and a not to be missed event there wont be another opportunity for Maine or the east coast of the United States to see a total eclipse of the moon a lunar eclipse until the year 2020," said Larry Berz of the Francis Malcom Science Center

It is completely safe to look at a lunar eclipse with the naked eye. The total eclipse starts at 10:11p.m. Eastern Standard time, and peaks at 10:47 pm. If you want to see it though a telescope Larry Berz will have his set up at the Limestone school. This combination of a super moon AND an eclipse will not happen again until 2033. It will be visible to all of the United States and Canada.