Recipient of fuel assistance last year, speaks out about the difference it makes

<(NAT) "It is a true saying it comes between eating and heating."

And that's a choice Bambi Nicols has had to make.

(Nicols) "We were out of oil, we actually had to go and get it from Caribou in I think it's 5 gallon containers and put it in and we had used our last I think it was 70 dollars and put it in the fuel tank."

Nicols lives in Limestone with her boyfriend. For the past couple of years they have had to turn for help when it came to heating.

(Nicols) "We had just moved up here, we'd been here a year or so and the first year we had enough savings to not worry about things then getting work up here is very hard." "My boyfriend does construction and of course that's only in the summer then winter came and he only made a hundred dollars a week employment and that just wasn't cutting."

That's when Nicols reached out to ACAP.

(Nicols) "I called them and they said let us check and they called me back within a half hour I think and I was just like oh my god because we didn't have any more money and 70 dollars in fuel oil is not, I can't even remember how many gallons it was like 12 gallons or some kind …low."

Nicols says she does whatever she can to save money on things like food in order to be able to afford oil.

(Nicols) "It's very hard but we're fortunate because we plant a garden, I do a lot of freezing."

But despite the effort she puts it, it is still a worry every winter.

(Nicols) "I cry, I cry a lot, I'm going to cry right now because it's coming, the seasons here."

With the temperature dropping, the stress is rising.

(Nicols) "It was so cold the other night and I was like oh I don't want to turn that on you know."

But Nicols is hopeful this year she'll be able to afford heat for the season.

(Nicols) "I mean now we're a little bit more situated, he did find a good job, is it going to be enough to pay for food and fuel… I don't know, it's always scary."

Despite her worries…Nicols is thankful for the help she's been provided…and hopes those considering donating will do so.

(Nicols) "Thank you ..because without people donating, I donate when I can and its not real often but if I have a few extra dollars or extra food.. you're helping families."

And Nicols says those families are grateful for the help.
Ashley Blackford News Source 8