Reed Dining Hall at Northern Maine Community College is undergoing some renovations

According to Tim Crowley, the President of Northern Maine Community College, the project will take about 5 and a half months to complete and they will begin renovations next week.

He adds that the project is a 3.7 million dollar project. 3.4 million was gifted by Mary Barton Smith and the rest was from the NMCC Foundation and campus funds.

"A component of this building will be to provide food service for students and faculty and staff and the community. The other piece of this building will be designed to be a teaching kitchen so we'll be developing the ability to teach individuals how to cook healthy and nutritious food. There's a significant challenge in Aroostook County with diabetes, with obesity, and cardiovascular issues so educating people about healthy food and healthy nutrition is really important."

The construction will be finished before fall classes this year. While construction is underway, employees and students will be able to get meals from the Christie complex.