Remembering a Fort Fairfield Boy

FORT FAIRFIELD, ME. Isaiah Doucette a 14 year old, Fort Fairfield kid says, "He was like a brother to me and my friends… He was… He was amazing."

14-year-old Jacob Williams' life was cut short on Saturday when he drowned swimming in the Aroostook River.

Julian McKenney, 17, of Fort Fairfield says, "It was just a normal Saturday and we were sitting outside and my little brother had some friends over and our little sister calls and says a 14 year old boy fell in the river and we’ve been hearing sirens left and right and so it was pretty believable that something was going on. And the first thing that my little brother and his friends think is well Jacob is a 14 year old boy."

I got the text from one of my friends saying that they found out it was him that was drowning.

the feelings of sadness instantly took over after confirming it was in fact their friend Jacob.

Morgan says, "its just the heavy feeling and its emotional that my best friend is gone, and we have nothing we can do about it."

but through the sadness, these friends have many fond memories of Jacob.

Doucette says, "You would say hey you want to go for a bike ride to absolutely anywhere you want to go, anywhere, he would go with you."

Doucette says he only knew Williams for 2 years but in that time they became close. These kids were all friends with Jacob and they smile and laugh when they share memories of his adventurous spirit.
(Nat sound laughing)

Doucette says, "We biked up riverside avenue, he showed me a little spot in the water where you go over a guard rail and look in and there is a little pool of water. And I said hey that would make a really nice swimming spot and he said it would be nice if I knew how to swim. and I told him that sometime this summer I’d teach him how… But I never got to."

McKenney says, "It really breaks my heart to have something so tragic happen to someone so young."

tragedy that has rattled a community, but through the laughter and tears, these friends will help Jacob live on through their memories. In Fort Fairfield, Connor Cyrus, Newssource 8.