Rising waters affecting Portage Lake residents

PORTAGE LAKE, Maine - "It's a good place for ducks."

That's what Tony Gagnon of Portage has to say as he looks at his backyard. The water from the lake hasn't touched his house yet, but it's not far away.

Gagnon and his wife Gale have lived in this home on West Road since 1995. The only other time he can remember the water being this high is 2008. He doesn't have a basement to worry about - but says with the ice still in the lake, things could easily get worse.

"We're still in danger of that yet, if we get winds from out of the north, to push that ice up, it can do a lot of damage to cottages."

Gagnon's property has certainly had a better time than others on the lake though. He says the water level has created an uneasy feeling among many in the area.

"There's a lot of people on edge right now not knowing if their homes are going to be invaded or if they're okay."

Fortunately though he says this is a town where everybody's got each other's backs if disaster does strike.

"Whenever we have a lot of rain, I see a lot of vehicles going this way, and what they're doing - they're not being nosey, they're going out to see if someone's property is under water or if they might need a hand."

For now it's a game of roulette for Gagnon and others who live on the lake, but high or low tide - Gagnon says he wouldn't trade his home for the world.