Road side ATV tires weren’t up for the taking, Houlton police asking for their return

On Tuesday Houlton police report that someone in a dark colored, older model GMC, stopped at a residence on Smyrna Street. The male driver exited the truck and looked at a set of ATV tires that were outside on display. Police say there was no "for sale" sign posted on, or around the tires. After looking at them for several minutes, police say the individual took the tires and placed them on the back of the truck. Upon reviewing a neighbor's home security system, police report this does not appear to be malicious whatsoever.

The post stated, "We are aware that in the County, often times people will set unwanted items roadside and let the items go for free. This, however, is not the case. If you're the individual that took the tires, please contact us here at 207-532-2287. Again, we do not believe that the individual was intending to deprive the owners of their property."