Rock your socks for down syndrome awareness!

Andrea Swanberg has made it her tradition to collect and raffle off a number of socks during this month, as wearing mismatched socks is a way to spread awareness about down syndrome, with the idea that we as humans are more alike than we are different.
Swanberg has a granddaughter with down syndrome, who dances at the Maine Dance Academy...and when leadership and members of the dance academy took note of the raffle, they wanted to rally around the cause.
They began pledging to donate socks, and now have come up with more than 600 pairs!
These are photos of little Rosalie Swanberg with the socks.
Swanberg says she's going to be giving mismatched pairs of the socks away to folks near and far so they can advocate, educate, include, and celebrate.
For example, she says members of the Maine House and Senate will recieve socks to wear and promote on the 21st.
Swanberg is stunned by this show of support and excited about what could come from it.