Rock's Family Diner's Whoopie Pie goes National

Published: Apr. 16, 2020 at 11:48 PM EDT
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Like many businesses around the country, the owners of the Rock's Family Diner in Fort Kent were uncertain about the effect COVID-19 would have on their business. But now, thanks to a viral social media post from a fan of their whoopie pies, things have gotten pretty busy!

Located in Fort Kent, Maine, the Rock's Family Diner has been around since 1945.

It's legacy of providing delicious foods and desserts to the community is well-known.

Today however, there is ONE menu item catching the attention of not just the County...but the entire Country.

THAT item would be the whoopie pie.

Peter Pinette SOT: "It's kind of like Whoopie, we're happy!."

Like many business owners today Peter Pinette and his wife Sandra were concerned about keeping the lights.

But now thanks to high demand for the restaurants Whoopie Pie, the NEW concern is about fulfilling its many commitments.

Peter SOT: "We started this with a lot of apprehension and over the last week, week and a half. The challenges are different now...It's meeting every commitment that we have versus not knowing what we were going to be doing from day to day."

Dozens upon dozens of whoopie pie exiting the Diners doors and heading to all parts of the Country.

When I sat down with Peter for this interview on Tuesday, the number of states the Diner delivered the desert to was 26...Now, he has officially reached all 50 states.

A total of over 3400 Whoopie Pie orders, fulfilled.

Peter SOT: We're excited that we're shipping this product around the country and people are excited they message Sandra and they're just overjoyed to get them. And when they bite into them they say 'Wow I'm keeping the whole thing. Nobody else is getting any of them."

It all started last week when a friend facebook messaged Sandra for some Whoopie Pie's and made a social media post upon receiving them.

The post went viral...leading to an explosion of people placing orders.

There have even been orders from health care workers in New York, the state hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.

Peter SOT We had a gentleman that we've known for the lsat few years that would come up every year snowmobiling to northern maine and became friends with us and he messaged Sandra...He indicated that he wanted 12 dozen and he was going to share that with healthcare workers so we put a care package together for him and sent it off to New York.

The Rock's Family Diner can now add another page to it's legacy. Sending comfort food to those who could USE some comfort during these uncertain times.

Daveson Perez New Source 8