SPC Dustin Harris honored with memorial mile

"it shows how much that the people that we have encountered since Dustin's passing how much they care," Scott Harris, father of Dustin Harris, said.

Harris and his family were thrilled to see all the people who arrived to walk or run in the memorial mile in honor of their son. According to Jonathan Kelley, director and owner of CompetitorME, this idea has been years in the making.

"It's been something that we talked to the Harris' about for a couple of years, they've attended a lot of our events all throughout Maine and so the idea really came together probably the last six months or so," Kelley said.

Funds that were raised during the event will go towards Main street flags and the Dustin Harris Scholarship.

"We instituted it at Katahdin high for someone that wants to go into the technical field because Dustin liked to work with his hands," Harris said.

Around 140 people pre-registered for the mile. Both Harris and Kelley were delighted with the response.

"It's really nice. It's really nice because on a financial side, we can take a sigh of relief that everything we've purchased has been paid for but more then that, it's knowing that we have the support of the community, we have the support of those that are all over the state," Kelley said.

"It's pretty overwhelming. It's very very very heart warming," Harris said.

Kelley says that this is the first race of the year. Kelley and Harris hope they can turn this mile into an annual event.