Police with warrant seize drugs, arrest three on drug charges

FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine - On March 4th, Fort Fairfield Police arrested Kurt Condon of Presque Isle for possession of firearms by a prohibited person (felon) and possession of schedule W drugs (methamphetamine).

Condon was unconscious in his vehicle on Brookview Avenue in Fort Fairfield when Officer Dale Keegan made contact with Condon. The officer woke Condon and questioned him about the incident. In plain view was a .22 caliber rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun sitting in the back seat of Condon’s vehicle.

Condon was arrested and during the search of his vehicle, crystal methamphetamine was found in his possession. Officer Keegan had previously charged Condon with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person on January 27th, after Condon had shot his finger while handling a handgun. Condon was charged with a Class C felony for possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, possession of schedule W drugs: methamphetamine, and felony violation of conditional release. He was transported to Caribou Police Department and is awaiting arraignment.

On March 5th, Fort Fairfield Police served a search warrant on 79 Maple Grove Road in Presque Isle, where Condon resides with his father, David Condon.

Officers found ammunition, gun parts, drug paraphernalia and another substance suspected to be methamphetamine inside the residence. The owner of the home, David Condon, was arrested and charged with possession of scheduled drugs, class D crime and unlawful furnishing of scheduled drugs, a Class D crime.

Scott Churchill, of Fort Fairfield - who was in the home when the search warrant was executed - was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a scheduled drug: suboxone, a Class D crime.

David Condon and Churchill were transported to Presque Isle Police Department where they both posted bail.

Fort Fairfield Police was assisted by the United States Border Patrol, Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department, and Presque Isle Police Department.

Fort Fairfield Police continue to actively investigate drug violations within the community. Over the past month, Fort Fairfield Police have seized nearly 40 grams of crystal methamphetamine from the streets through active investigations and arrests.

If you have any information about drug trafficking, please call Aroostook County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-638-8477.