Side-by-side ATV rides for Residents at PIRNC

Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 8:28 PM EDT
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And they're OFF...Side-by-side ATV rides are being offered to the residents at Presque Isle rehab and Nursing Center.

(Ruth Flewelling): "They come and ask me would you like to go and before they're done I'm saying yes."

The rides are An effort to put smiles on their faces in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

(MM): "Because of the lack of family contact even though we are doing window visits and we're using ipads to do facetime and things like that this is still an opportunity to help the residents feel a little better about themselves."

The idea was brought forth by one of the R-N's at the nursing facility. The reactions have all been positive..

(Mark Mckenna): "One of our RN's came to me with the idea of doing side-by-side rides and most residents haven't been on a side by side before so it has created an opportunity for some good feelings, smiles which are very contagious. So, it's been great to see the residents happy."

(Adam Murchison): "It's really great. They talk about it nonstop when they get back. We've already had some say as soon as everyone else gets a turn they're ready for their next ride.

Adam is one of the drivers of the side-by-sides. He takes his passengers on rides down the trails near the nursing center and gives them views of the potato fields.

(AM): "It's pretty convenient that the trail access is so close to us that we can basically get to the trials without being on the road because of safety concerns. And a lot of the ones that have farming histories like seeing the potato fields freshly planted. Hoping to get back in another couple of weeks when they potatoes are blossoming and then try and get their in the harvest season too so kind of brings it full circle for them."

Safety precautions have been put in place to protect the residents.

(MM): "So the residents are wearing helmets for this ride and in between residents we are sanitizing those. We are practicing social distancing and everybody is wearing a face mask to allow this to happen."