Sledding in the County 2.6.19

An overwhelming majority of snowmobile trails are on private property opened
up for public use.In this edition of Sledding The County, Anthony Macari spoke with a landowner about the working relationship that keeps Maine trails

Maine has a long history of private landowners opening land up toother users, and we just continue that. Jeffrey Albert and his family have owned property in Madawaska for over 200 years, and they have always allowed snowmobilers on
their land. Snowmobilers buy food, buy gas, rent rooms, it’s very, very important because it’s our very important tourist season up here. We don’t
have the ocean. We don’t have Mount Katahdin. We have snowmobile trails.
Albert, a snowmobile rider himself and member of the Madawaska Snowmobile Club,says the vast majority of riders have not caused any issues on his land.
We just ask that the people stay respectful of the property owners and not damage any property, that’sall.

Landowners that open their land for access in Maine are eligible for a program that helps with property taxes, but Albert says providing access is worth much more than that. It’s the right thing to do up here. Albert says he and other landowners are only one part of the relationship. I can’t over
emphasize enough that landowners should have a good relationship with their local club, and clubs, or people who ride, should have a good relationship
with the club also. In other words, they should join the club.

Landowners, clubs,and riders all working together to keep the snowmobile industry growing in snowmobile the County.

Anthony Macari,
NewsSource 8.