State Senator Troy Jackson prepares to assume duties of Senate President

KM - The duties of being Senate President are working with both Democrats and Republicans to try and push forward policies that both sides believe are good for the state of Maine. That's something Senator Troy Jackson says he's absolutely looking forward to doing.

TJ - Senator Dana Dow is the minority leader. I've worked with Dana a lot over the past. We actually took a trip on the Allagash River a number of years ago. I enjoy him, you know, when we're outside the Legislature; I enjoy him when we're in the Legislature. So I think we can definitely do good things together.

KM - The position comes with much responsibility.

TJ - The Senate President's major thing is is that it sets the direction of what the policy's gonna be, what the agenda's gonna be. And my agenda is Aroostook County; my agenda is the people of the state of Maine. It's always been that, and so that's what the Senate is gonna be over the next two years - you know, what can we do to make sure that Mainers have the best opportunity.

KM - That includes property tax relief, healthcare, jobs, prescription drugs or student debt relief.

TJ - Individually, people have things that affect their daily lives all the time. I want to work on those things. I want to be someone that helps everyday, small people because that's who I am.

KM - Jackson says far too often people feel left behind, but he hopes that's not how it will be with him as Senate President. Kathy McCarty, NewsSource 8