Styrofoam ban creates unfair advantage for some businesses

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's ban on certain types of Styrofoam has been met with mixed reaction.

One lawmaker in Augusta sees both pros and cons to the measure. Sen. President Troy Jackson says while it will help the environment, it could create unfair advantages for some businesses. Smaller stores that wrap their own meat products will be required to discontinue using Styrofoam trays, while stores that purchase meat from out-of-state will continue to be allowed to use the packaging.

"IGA or whatever, Hannafords in the area, you know, they'll have to use a paper product, although companies like Walmart and Sam's can import pre-processed stuff with Styrofoam in it. That doesn't seem very fair to me."

Jackson says it may be necessary to amend the Styrofoam ban to address this.