Taste of The County: Strawberry Poke cake


- 1 box of white cake mix
- Strawberry white chocolate cake mix
- 14 oz of sweetened condesned milk
- 3/4 cuos of white chocolate
- 1 pkg of strawberry gelatin
- 1/4 cup of hot water
- 1 can of strawberry pi filling
- I container of coo whip
- 1 container of fresh strawberries

- Bake the cake based on box mix instruction.
- combine chocolate chips and condensed milk and microwave it for 1 minute until melted. 30 more seconds if necessary.
- stir in strawberry gelatin with hot water until melted
- stir into chocolate mixture
- Poke holes in cake. Pour mixture evenly over cake. Cool cake.
- Spread strawberry filling over cake
- Spead cool whip over filling.
- Garnish with fresh strawberries