Tech Tuesday: The Hum, Your Car - Connected

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PRESQUE ISLE, ME. (WAGM) --When it comes to your car, you can never know too much. Hum is a vehicle platform that gives drivers detailed information on their car's health and how to get help in the event of an emergency or car trouble.

The Hum device takes the guesswork out of driving with connected car technology so you can stay in touch with emergency services and your loved ones on the road.

The Hum is simple - just plug the device in to add connected car features to your drive. You can also access Hum features on the go using the Hum App.

A Bluetooth-enabled device that is connected to Hum is clipped to the car's visor and communicates between the Hum and the Hum App. Once connected, the platform will diagnose problems with the car and offers the ability to contact nearby roadside, emergency, and stolen vehicle assistance, among other features.

The Hum is compatible with most vehicles 1996 and newer.

Dave Carrier, gave more detailed information on the device.

"The hum is designed to fill the gap between cars on the road that don't have the smart features built into them like the current cars do," said Carrier.

With the Hum App, you can get detailed diagnostic alerts, find your car and navigate on a map, set up maintenance reminders, manage boundary and speed alerts, check your Safety Score and more.

The Hum is also very popular with parents and their kids who are new drivers as they can set speed and boundary restrictions on their kid's vehicles. If the driver exceeds the restriction, the parents will get notified instantly through the Hum App.

"There's a lot of features for monitoring the condition of the vehicle and the safety of the operator of the vehicle," said Carrier.

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