Technology affects Students in the classroom in Many Ways

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AROOSTOOK COUNTY, Maine - For these students, technology in the classroom is nothing new. The avenues it provides for learning is larger than ever.

Abigail Angotti, a junior at Greater Houlton Christian Academy says, "We've been playing some review games of sorts online."

And Olivia Nadeau, am 8th grader at GHCA says, "We use it for life skills and computer class."

The benefits to technology in the classroom are undeniable. Anything the students want to learn is at the tip of their fingers.

"With the Ipad, it's lighter there are certain apps you can download instead of going on random websites. It'll always be with you even if you don't have an internet connection," says sophomore Ian Hotfranz of Presque Isle High School.

Teagan Ewings, a student at GHCA, says "Because I feel like everything now a days is all technology and if we didn't really use it as much as we do now, you'd probably be really lost in the world."

But it doesn't come without it's downfalls. The bright lights and endless opportunities can cause some distractions.

3rd grader at GHCA Hunter Duttweiler says, I'm looking away and then my fingers just go boop, boop, and touch stuff.

"I feel like putting it on something like an ipad where you can exit out of it or do something else while you're on there it would not be as beneficial," Angotti says.

Even as technology advances, it won't replace teachers

Nadeau says, "We have our own personal questions and our own if we don't understand this and sometimes the internet just doesn't have that option or answers online."

"It would be extremely difficult because a lot of, the way that kids learn now a days is a lot through interaction. Asking questions and if you don't have a teacher present then that would be very difficult to do," says Angotti.

Students will continue to rely on the latest technology, as their education continues.