The Blooming of the Lotus Bleu Café

EDMUNDSTON, N.B. In 2007, Louise Fyfe, with the support of her two close friends, Estelle Sabatier and Mychèle Poitras, opened the doors of the Lotus Bleu Café in downtown Edmundston. It started as a dream over 20 years ago then budded as a little tea corner in her garage before blooming into what it is today.

The coffee shop, which occupied only 50% of the space of the present café, was from the beginning, a way to fulfill a strong personal mission of the owner, Louise Fyfe. She believes that, as individuals, we have the capacity to evoke change in the world. To make a difference, her vision was to increase her personal impact with a larger positive footprint by growing community. The mission of the Lotus Bleu Café, held by Louise since envisioning it, was to recreate the idea of community - that people come together in support of the good, that we trust in those around us, that we support and accept each other. To know your neighbors, through supporting local producers in their businesses, to supporting bio-equitable companies to providing a meeting place for building community.

Unable to keep up with the demand, the café quickly expanded and doubled their footage and started food service: a delectable vegetarian cuisine, with an international influence. Louise adds, “The best we can find, as much local as possible, to do the best job we can do.” Did you know that there is no coffee on the shelves at the Lotus that is more than 7 days from roasting?

Louise was an avid world traveler and the Lotus echoes this and offers a colorful window into the international community. The staff of the Lotus have shared their color and authenticity since the beginning by offering family recipes and traditions from many international communities. The staying power of the staples of the multi-cultural café such as the Assiette du Soleil, Vegé Pâté or the Falafel and Baklava of Aboud Mubareka - not to mention the Torte de Baghdad - are a testament to this. Most recently, the authentic Pad Thai of Joe (Kamolmas Arjsongkram) is fast becoming a new favorite!

At the Lotus, in her element, Louise Fyfe makes each coffee from her competition-quality, Italian espresso machine. Recipient of awards of recognition from the City of Edmundston and the Province, the Lotus Bleu Café is a positive energy force radiating out from downtown Edmundston. For more than three consecutive years, the Lotus Bleu Café has been the #1 restaurant on Trip Advisor from some 1,095 restaurants in the province of New Brunswick.

Celebrities, artists of all kinds have joined the Lotus Bleu community. The Lotus team loves to celebrate the successes within its community. Book and CD launches, poetry readings, live music, artwork on the walls, local group meetings are just some of the ways. When the local Jazz and Blues Festival, Salon du Livre or the Foire Brayonne kick off, the Lotus is a buzz with new faces and activity. Sports stars, athletes, actors and actresses have graced the doors.

The friends and staff of the Lotus Bleu Café invite you to an afternoon celebration on Friday, July 28th from 14h-16h. Everyone is invited!