The County Ag Report: Cattle Lifestyle

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ASHLAND, Maine - "We like the way of life that cattle bring, it's definitely hard work, but it's gratifying."

Vincent Ouellette has done various types of farming for years and started building a life around farming cattle this year.

"Cattle kind of intrigued me tremendously, so I decided that this year was going to be the year. My family and I really wanted to get into the cattle business, or into the cattle farming business."

Family was the main selling point of cattle for Ouellette.

"That's the main thing was just trying to raise my kids right."

Ouellette also works as an Operations Manager for Maine Environmental, which sells fertilizer based on wood ash for hay. If you're into cattle, hay is just as important, serving as the feed for animals. He says it's a difficult business to break into.

"It's a lot of work. Lot of money tied up in the beginning set up of it, of course, just like any other business. You hope and pray that everything will work out. But, if you don't take that leap, you'll never know."

One reason Ouellette became interested in a lifestyle around cattle is the vast history of over 100 years in Aroostook County

"We've been really reliant on livestock, it's merged more from using them as a tool to using them as feed now or as food for ourselves. But, the world is always growing and we always need food so it's just one of those things. We're always going to need hay, and it's been around forever."