The Roy brothers were back in court for the last time

The two men that caused the US-Canada border to be shut down last fall are now free. News Source 8's Ashley Blackford was in the courtroom and has the details.

Bailey and Damien Roy were led into the Woodstock court house for the last time. The two were facing two charges after an incident they were involved in, in October of 2018. The first charge was committing a hoax related to terrorist activity. The second was willfully obstructing peace officers.

The court heard that on October 26th of last year the brothers planned to cross into the United States illegally and drive to Mexico. The vehicle they were driving was unlicensed and had no plates. Upon driving to the crossing into Houlton, Maine the two parked their vehicle just before the monument into the US which meant they were still on Canadian soil. US customs noticed the vehicle and alerted Canadian border service officers. Two officers were dispatched and they drove up next to the vehicle the Roy brothers were in. Sirens and lights were used. The officers waved at them and asked if they were okay but got no response. Both doors were locked to the vehicle and once the officers noticed gas jugs in the vehicle they retreated back. The court heard a total of 21 gas jugs were found in the vehicle, along with maps and food. RCMP were contacted and an emergency response team brought in. Both sides of the border were shut down. A dog was brought in, as well as a drone from the US side. After six and a half hours an armored vehicle approached their car which soon led them to pull forward and exit the vehicle. They were both taken into US custody. Damien claimed asylum, while Bailey was turned back over to Canadian authorities after 24 hours. Neither had identification and once interviewed they said they realized there was no way they could cross illegally and they wanted to quote, see how it played out. Damien remained in the US until November 28th. Neither had a criminal record prior to this. Both claimed there was no political motivation and they had no intention to cause fear. Both sides agreed to drop the charge of committing a hoax related to terrorist activity. With the second charge of willfully obstructing peace officers the crown recommended 3-4 months. The judge agreed on 3 months with time served. The two have been in custody since the incident so once the court adjourned they were free to go.

Ashley Blackford News Source 8