The Salvation Army kettle campaign goal was to reach $60,000

"Every day when I'd go to cash in the coin it'd just be amazing."

The goal was to raise 60 thousand dollars and in the end the total came in at just over 68 thousand.

(Nataluk) "Very good, we kind of knew early on that it was going to be a good season between having some good volunteers and good staff and just the public this year seemed more generous than even last year and last year we had a good year but we raised about 20 per cent more than last year."

But that jump in donations wasn't the case throughout the state.

(Nataluk) "Here in the County people are really generous, so a lot of families can be helped now which is great."

The money raised goes towards helping people in many different ways.

"Right here in the county to help people in our programs through oil, electric, water bills." Our food pantry which we help quite a few families with that, our weekly soup kitchen on Wednesday's goes to help, so basically every program we have, so it's not just at Christmas time."

The long standing tradition of bell ringers is one many in the county look forward to every year and every year the Salvation Army is grateful for all who donate.
Ashley Blackford News Source 8