The University of Maine at Presque Isle Hosts Annual UMS Student Government Conference

"Seeing how different student governments all through the university of Maine system. We're all kind of the same but we do things very differently so it was really good to see how different people do things and taking away how we could change things at UMA," Kelleryn Jordan, University of Maine Augusta-Bangor student, said.

Jordan and other students have been learning about leadership. According to Evan Zarkadas, the chair of the conference, this is the first time UMPI has hosted the event.

"It's a kind of new event that systems sponsored a few years back. Last year it was at Farmington and then the year before it was I believe at the University of Maine and next year it will be at the University of Southern Maine," Zarkadas said.

Zarkadas says the theme for this conference was 21st Century Leadership. He adds that the students who attended the event have learned valuable skills.

"I hope they gain contact with each other campus and I hope they gain the knowledge of how the system works cause every campus is different in the system. So this is kind of an opportunity for them to see how the system operates at different campuses but also I hope that they will gain the knowledge of leadership and what 21st Century Leadership is all about," Zarkadas said.

Violet Washburn is the Coordinator of Campus Engagement and was a presenter at the conference.

"I'm gonna talk about what their purpose is cause everyone needs to figure out what that purpose is that kind of drives their passion. So they're gonna gain that and a lot more," Washburn said.

the students all gained insight on how their participation into student government impacts their college community.