The final step: Eagle Lake residents vote to withdraw from MSAD 27

Eagle Lake, Me (WAGM) Voters in Eagle Lake made the decision on Tuesday to withdraw from MSAD 27. And they did it by one vote. The town needed a 2/3 vote in order for the withdrawal to go through. 190 people voted yes and 94 voted no, which was two thirds exactly.

Eagle Lake town manager Sandra Fournier says this is the final step in the withdrawal process, which has been about two years. Fournier says she was surprised at how many people turned out to vote..but knew this was an important issue for the voters.

She says nothing will change for students, they will still attend school in Fort Kent, but the town will tuition them. The town will now also take ownership of the elementary school building.

"Long term is what we're really looking at, we know our state valuation is going to decrease based on history and our current valuation were going to go up another 2 mil...we know our student population is decreasing. We lost 10 students just in this past year, so looking at both options; either staying or tuitioning, you have to see what the long term is going to be...and in long term we do foresee there will be cost savings," said Fournier.

"I wish it hadn't happened but I think the frustration is so deep and I kept talking about this I kept saying it as a member of the board to the board," said MSAD 27 board member John Martin.

Fournier says the next step will be for the town's board of selectmen to meet and hold a special election to create a school board. That school board will have to hire a superintendent and form a school budget all before June.