The heating homes with helping hands telethon gets underway tomorrow

It's a fund that goes towards people who don't qualify for the heating energy assistance program or those in emergency situations.

(Parent) "We're seeing a couple of alarming trends this year, we're seeing fuel prices that are higher than they were last year at this time so that's of supreme concern to us and the other piece we're also seeing is that we are experiencing colder temperatures."

For the second year now WAGM will partner together with United Way of Aroostook and ACAP to raise money.

(Locke) "Heat is really an obstacle for so many people so it's great that we're able to offer this telethon, allowing people to give knowing exactly what their donation will go to, helping their friends and neighbors right here in Aroostook County."

(Landeen) "WAGM's role, after hearing about people not being able to heat their homes and having to choose between food and medications it was something we felt strongly we had to do something about and of course being a news organization we can raise awareness that way."

The companies involved provide the outlet but it's really the community itself that makes the real difference.

(Rackliffe) "I worked the telethon the phone banks for a little while and I think one of the most rewarding parts for me being on the telethon was actually hearing we had a few callers call in and say I received this service years ago when I needed help and I'm calling to make a donation because I want to pay it back and I want to give it to somebody else and that was a surprise that's not something we expected and we had that happen several times."

Last year the community came together to raise more than 43 thousand dollars. This year the goal is set to 50 thousand and those involved say they believe by everyone coming together that goal will be reached.

Ashley Blackford News Source 8