The importance of checking in on older neighbors during the summer

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 7:21 PM EDT
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We often talk about checking in on our neighbors during hot spells, but what should you be looking for? Sharon Berz, director of long-term services and support at Aroostook Agency on Aging says there are ways to easily spot dehydration in a neighbor.

She say, "If they're seeing any changes in a neighbor, they need to take note, so if they see changes in the level of confusion, if they're feeling tired or feeling weak sometimes you can ever tell by the way somebody's skin looks whether they're dehydrated or not. People should be taking note of that and making sure that people are being hydrated or seek the medical attention that they may need at that point in time."

Presque Isle Police Chief Laurie Kelly urges the public to call their local police station if they can't get in touch with someone who may be living alone, and they are worried about their well being.

"If there are signs that there is something else going on. Like they haven't picked up their mail or not answering their phone, yet their vehicle is there. If it looks like they're home for all other intent and purposes but they're not answering their phone or coming to the door, we can do a welfare check." Kelly says.

Marge Yeager, program manager for the Aroostook Agency on Aging, hopes you'll let this hot spell be a way for people to get to know neighbors they haven't connected with.

Yeager says, "Don't be afraid to be a nosey neighbor, wear your mask and knock on the door. If you see someone out, wear your mask and so your keeping distance but talk to your neighbors and get to know them and see if they need things. If there is anyways you can help people. We really need to be a community; we need to look out for each other."