The race that keeps on going, may soon have a winner

NewsSource 8 talked to Dunlap on the phone today - he said as of this morning, they had results from 75 towns to load into the system.

The race is between republican incumbent Bruce Poliquin and democrat Jared Golden.

The first round of voting on Election Day ended with the candidates both collecting about 46 percent of the vote.

Poliquin held a slim edge and declared himself the "fair and square" winner.

But the ranked-choice system adopted by Maine voters in 2016 requires additional voting rounds in which last-place candidates are eliminated and votes reallocated until there's a majority winner.

Dunlap expects to finish everything by this evening.

He says once they have all they need, they'll give a two hour notice before running the tabulation and announcing the results.

Dunlap says the last week has been busy and his office has been under intense scrutiny from the Poliquin campaign.