The two men charged in incident at the U.S.-Canadian border were in court today

Bailey and Damien Roy were arrested and charged after they refused to communicate with law enforcement while they were parked between the Woodstock and Houlton border stations. Both brothers were led into Woodstock's provincial court. Both have been approved for legal aid and now have lawyers. Since they are co-accused, they both stood before Judge Brian McLean, despite having a no contact order with one another. During their appearance, the Crown stated that it has 15 witnesses to call. The original trial date was set for January 10th but Damien Roy has yet to meet with his lawyer. The judge decided to keep the January 10th date to reconvene to set a new trial date and to hopefully have the Crown narrow down the witness list.

On October 26th, the RCMP responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle that had stopped between the Woodstock-Houlton border crossing stations. According to police, Bailey and his brother Damien refused to communicate with Canada Border Services Agency officers or police.
After several hours passed, the two men approached the U.S. border where they were then taken into custody by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Both have pled not guilty.