Throwback Thursday: Sports Gifts

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(WAGM) - Time for another Throwback Thursday! Tonight we go back to Christmas 1987 where Rene gives us some great ideas for Christmas presents for the sports lover!

Rene: What better way to decorate your home or decorate your tree, than decorations from your favorite team. You know, Christmas time, is such a special time, for the sports fan in your life. If you really want to make his day, you can dress him from head to toe in paraphernalia from his favorite team. Whether it's a hat, a jacket, a tee-shirt or sweat shirt. You can even get socks now with your favorite team branded on them. But if you really want to get a present they'll probably remember for the rest of their lives and maybe the conversation piece for a long, long time, you might want to get them something that's quite comfortable and quite unique...boxer shorts. Walk around in these for a while and you'll definitely get some strange looks and the reaction as to whether these would be a good Christmas gift or not are mixed.

(shopper): Oh yes, they are the talk of the town, every bodies wearing them.

(Rene:) Well maybe not everybody. A lot of people are checking the rack to see if they are available. But some people can't make up their mind as to whether they would buy them or not.

(Shopper) Yes I would.

Rene: Why?

(Shopper) Well, because I love the Celtics. (laughs) I wouldn't want a pair of those!

Rene: Why wouldn't you? Well, to everyone's own taste. I guess you know what not to get him for Christmas anyway. And how would you like to become a part owner of a professional sports team. Boston Celtics stock is still on the market, it's down to 11 and 7/8th now. And not only that, just think, you buy a couple of shares of stock and you get on the phone and say Red, this is Cloukey in Presque Isle, bought a few shares of your stock last week. I think you should trade Larry Bird for the entire golden state warriors team. Give you three guess as to what he would say. And for the golfer you can always get a ball or a new set of clubs. But if they already enjoy the balls and clubs that they already have. There are some novelty gifts you might be able to get. As a matter of fact, they might really enjoy the golf tie. Well, what about the golfer that might have a little trouble on the putting greens? Or somebody that might slice the ball a little bit? No problem, the perfect remedies. What about if you always end up in the bunker or if there's ever any water on the course, your ball always seems to find it. How about a desert ball or a ball with a life jacket. Aren't they cute?? If you want to make a little bit of money off a friend of yours who's always bragging about how far he can hit the golf ball. Buy him one of these, an exploding golf ball. See how far he gets off the tee with this one.