Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe on Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, meaning loads of goodies for kids to grab. Despite being in Northern Maine where there is little crime and dangers, there is still the risk of candy being tampered with and someone approaching children. Houlton’s police chief Tim DeLuca gives some advice on ways to stay safe.

“Biggest way to keep yourself safe on Halloween night as far as strangers would be to go either in the buddy system, stay in a populated area, or go as a family” says DeLuca.

DeLuca also urges if you are approached by a stranger or someone you are uncomfortable with, to seek out a family or to go to a nearby home with a light on that is expecting trick or treaters. He does not urge anyone to go to any house that is dark and to use flashlights or glow sticks to stay illuminated.

As far as candy goes, DeLuca urges teenagers and parents to check the children’s candy before eating it and to throw away any open packages in case they are tainted.

DeLuca urges motorists to proceed with caution.

“Stop at those cross walks, watch your speeds, and just know that we’re gonna have a lot of youngsters out there trick or treating.”

DeLuca says there will be additional officers out on Halloween to make sure trick or treaters, motorists, and families are safe that night.

DeLuca has one final message for tomorrow: for everyone to enjoy trick or treating.