Toys for Tots creates Christmas magic

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - A national non-profit is continuing to ensure disadvantaged children have a good Christmas. Kathy McCarty spoke with a Toys for Tots volunteer about what's being done and how you can help.

Since 1947, Toys for Tots has been putting smiles on the faces of children who might otherwise not have a reason to enjoy Christmas. The effort continued Saturday, with a volunteer for an organization collecting donations at the craft fair in Presque Isle.

"Going to northern Aroostook County's Toys for Tots program - U.S. Marine Corps."

Money and toys collected in Aroostook stays here to aid those in need.

"It stays right here in northern Aroostook County. And last year we served 2,632 children in forty counties - 40 towns."

In addition to specific locations where money and items can be dropped off, there's also the website.

"The website is and then you look for your state, then you look for your county."

Efforts have been going well so far this year.

"It's been going good. We just did a Georgette Jones concert and we raised over $3,000 for the kids. Last week we did a dance at the K of C Hall in Fort Kent; we raised over $600. And next weekend we're doing a dance at the Elks Club here in Presque Isle."

St. Peter says any contribution, no matter the size, helps make Christmas just a little bit brighter for a child in need.