Tuesday, emergency service agencies came together to assist those in need

KM - Sheriff Shawn Gillen says teamwork made all the difference in how Tuesday played out, with multiple agencies and individuals working together to respond to incidents as they happened.

SG - It was a tough day. I think that between DOT, ambulance crews, fire departments, and law enforcement, we all did a phenomenal job. You know, the public was a help too in some cases.

KM - In Presque Isle, the Highway Department crew continues to work to clear roads affected by drifting snow.

DW - The Highway does a super job. They - they went - I bet they were doing 24-hour shifts nonstop, but there's just no way to keep up with that.

KM - Fire Chief Darrell White says departments did a great job handling each situation as it arose, given their limited numbers.

DW - We don't have the staffing, us or the PD, to go out and block those roads so that we can safely do our jobs, so, you know, it's challenging.

KM - While many heeded warnings and stayed off the roads, there were those whose jobs required them to be out in some of the worst conditions on record. Their commitment to the welfare of others didn't go unnoticed.

SG - The amount of dedication from first responders - you know, you call the fire departments, the volunteer fire departments to help close down a road, they're there. You know, ambulance crews are out, you know, trying to get through to get to people, you know, and then the law enforcement are out there as well. It's just, you know, it was a well-oiled machine. I think The County could be proud - should be proud of their law enforcement or first responders as well.

KM - Gillen, a native of Mars Hill, says it's that team spirit - people and communities coming together when others are in need - that makes Aroostook a place worth calling home. Kathy McCarty, NewsSource 8