Two men detained following arrest in Saint-Basile

On November 15th, members of the Edmundston Police Force intercepted two individuals who were driving in a car in the Saint-Basile area.

During the intervention, a loaded firearm was seized on one of the individuals.

The two men, Marco Caron from Saint-André and Steve Cormier from the Saint-Basile sector, were arrested and then appeared in Provincial Court the following day.

The judge ordered their detention until their release hearing, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

The following day, when members of the Edmundston Police Force responded to a routine call at a residence in Edmundston, they discovered that the resident was in possession of contraband tobacco.

During the search of the apartment that followed, the police found more than 5,000 contraband cigarettes. The woman will eventually face charges in connection with this seizure.