UMFK soccer players from around the world talk about the election

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WAGM) - It is election day and that means voters are going to the polls to elect a new leader. Rene Cloukey is traveling with the University of Maine Fort Kent soccer teams to Virginia Beach Virginia. He talked to several of the players about politics in their home countries.

The University of Maine Fort Kent soccer teams getting ready for national championships. The men's team has several different Nationalities on it and with this being election day. The ideal question is how is your leader elected and what do you think of the US Election.

(Romario Raoul Romain Trinidad and Tobago) "combination of all the votes of every individual in the Country."

(Milton Christopher Jamaica) :"It's a prime minister and is elected by each and every person the country. "

(Adarinola Awomodu Nigeria):" Our President is Ex General Muhammadu Bwari. They are elected through general elections.

*Tom Coxon Great Britian):" It's a debatable one in our country because you have to have over 50 percent of the vote to lead."

(Ryan Merckel South Africa):"Three main parties that people vote for. The ANC DA and EFF."

(Carlos Lopez Spain):" I am from Catalonia in Spain. We are trying to go away from Spain because it would be better for us."

(Kyle Robin Scotland):"We have our own government in Scotland, but it is pretty much run by the government in England.

(Stefan Petricevic Serbia):"We have all those parties like Social Republic and Democra.t and they just go and pick the best person."

All the players agree the election has been the topic of discussion with family back home.

Petricevic :" There has been a lot of talk about Clinton and Trump. The people are really excited to see who is going to win."

Robin:" With the US being such a big country it affects the rest of the world."

Awomodu:" Especially on twitter there is a lot of talk about both Trump and Hillary."

Lopez:" I was talking with my parents and they didn't know to much about this election."

Coxom:" I speak to my family back home and they call and ask me who is voting for who and what do you know about this person what do you about that person. It is a big thing."

standup Many of these players will be watching the tv this evening to see who the next President of the United States will be. Reporting from Virginia Beach Virginia I'm Rene Cloukey NewsSource 8>