UPDATE: Caribou High School principal says threats were rumors

CARIBOU, Maine - UPDATE: School officials say they believe threats of a shooting at Caribou High School were only rumors circulated among students. They say that nothing from today’s investigation substantiated the school shooting to be either real or credible.

A report was made to CHS Administrators that identified some students who were picking on them. School officials say the notion that this list of student names was a “hit list” is merely rumor and also unsubstantiated. The list was a way to report to administration that students were picking on them in hopes that it would be dealt with. School administrators met with both students and parents to confirm that this was indeed factual and in no way was the list meant to be a “hit list”.

Administration believe that although the shooting threat and bullying incidents were separate and unrelated, students linked them together. In a combined investigation with Caribou Police Department, Principal Travis Barnes says that they believe no credible violent act was planned for Caribou High School today.

RSU 39 Superintendent Tim Doak tells Newssource 8 the decision to close the high school and the Caribou Technology Center today stemmed from a potential threat circulating among students about a possible school shooting where two students would come in and start shooting in the cafeteria that would occur today. Doak says he believes the rumor might have stemmed from a bullying incident that occurred Thursday at the high school involving at least three students. He says the incident was handled with staff, students and parents. Still, the rumor circulated and Doak says he and staff contacted police as a precaution. It was then decided to close the schools while police did a thorough investigation of all the school buildings. Staff and faculty are meeting today but not on school grounds.They're meeting at other locations for a workshop.

Newssource 8 did speak to the Caribou Police Department this morning who did confirm something was being investigated but could not go into further details.