Vandalism spree stuns and upsets community members in Washburn

"People are very angry. Angry that somebody would do this. Just go through town in the middle of the night destroying other people's properties and town property and school property, you know, it's not right," said Washburn Town Manager Donna Turner.

She's one of many in town who can't make sense of what happened over the weekend. A 16 year old boy is charged with multiple counts of criminal mischief- after admitting to vandalizing multiple properties. His activity includes but is not limited to smashing the windows of the recreation department's van, multiple school buses, and the school itself.

"I think it's very disturbing, it's hard enough to run a school and provide a safe environment for your students, but it scares everybody is what it does," said Sean Casey, who is the Principal at both the elementary and high school in Washburn.

He came into his office on Saturday to find a window smashed. School officials made sure the damage was fixed especially on the bus windows before school on Monday. The Washburn Police Department is continuing to investigate the issue- Chief Robert Thibeault says they're seeking out an additional suspect.

"We're still trying to find that second person. We have a name. We just have to speak to him and find out what his involvement was," he said.

Chief Thibeault estimates the monetary value of properties damaged will be in the thousands. Residents had their mailboxes smashed, and damage was also done at the historical society and an apartment complex. Those I spoke to can't remember an event like this in the town's history.

"I don't understand where that comes from or how it happens," said Turner.

Turner says as a result of this she'll be looking into getting a security system for the town... She adds that this is a good example of why the community should keep their police department.