Vehicle engulfed in flames in Van Buren

A vehicle at Wayne's Body shop on 17 Main Street in Van Buren caught fire after an employee was fabricating welds on the vehicle according to Van Buren Fire Chief Brian Caron. First Responders got a call around 10:25 am and were on the scene within 4 minutes of getting the call. They took around 45 minutes to get everything under control and made sure the fire was put out and that the building was not also on fire. Caron said some of the employees at the shop used a larger vehicle to pull the vehicle on fire out of the shop. The employees were hoping by doing so, that the building would not catch on fire too. The vehicle was a total loss even though only the cab caught on fire and not the engine. There was minor damage to the body shop building; mainly being heavy smoke damage, but the building is not a loss. As a tip for part of fire prevention week, Fire Chief Caron said it is very important to call 911 before any other steps are taken and it is important to make the call to 911 before trying to put the fire out yourself if you try to do so.