Vietnam Veterans wall visits Washburn

A memorial traveling wall honoring Vietnam veterans who lost their lives during the war is making its way to Washburn. Larry Harrison coordinated the wall's appearance to coincide with Washburn's August Fest, which takes place this weekend. He says the wall was expected to arrive earlier this afternoon but was delayed when the truck hauling it began overheating. Members of United Vets Motorcycle Club and other veterans were at UMPI awaiting the wall's arrival. The wall is expected to travel through Presque Isle this evening, arriving in Washburn between 6:30 and 7 p.m. Upon arrival in town, the wall will pass under an arch and flag, courtesy of the Presque Isle and Caribou fire departments. Harrison encourages the public to join in welcoming the wall to Washburn. The wall will be on display at the school soccer field through Sunday.