Voters in Easton approve banning retail sale of marijuana and enacting school budget committee

EASTON, Me (WAGM) The people of Easton have spoken. Residents voted on two important questions last week - the first being whether or not they want to approve an ordinance prohibiting the retail sale of marijuana in town. By what was about a 2 to 1 margin, voters decided that Easton is NOT open for business.

"I see no need for recreational marijuana being for sale in the small town of Easton. I don't see any need for outside influences to come in and make money off the town of Easton. We don't need it," said Wayne Pendexter.

Town manager Jim Gardner wasn't surprised by the way that vote went.

"I mean we don't even have a bar in our you can't consume this you're not gonna consume this either I guess is what it comes down to," said Gardner.

Residents also voted to enact a school budget committee - a team of around 15 members who will serve as an advisory committee for the school board by reviewing and making recommendations on the annual budget. This was a change residents petitioned for.

"It's information...and I think transparency is exactly what everybody wants in the world today. When you sit on almost a 4 million dollar budget as the school does, then there's going to be questions," said Gardner.

Easton Superintendent of Schools Roger Shaw hoped against the committee, but believes it will be a positive change- as the committee members will have information clarified and then be messengers in the community.

"It tells me that the message of the school budget has not been appropriately distributed and understood by people and there's a desire to understand more from people and so I respect that and in the end I think it will be a good thing," said Shaw.

Gardner says the next step is to put it out to the community, gather names, and then select the committee within the next 60 days.

Gardner adds that no school employees or officials can be on the committee. After they select the committee, they will need training and to elect a chairperson.