Former Maine Governor Paul Lepage Announces He Will ReRun For Maine Governor

Published: Feb. 20, 2020 at 8:57 AM EST
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In an exclusive to Newssource 8,this morning, former Maine Governor Paul Lepage confirms he will rerun for Maine Governor.

In an interview alongside Former State Rep. Dale Craft who has recently thrown his hat in the Maine Congressional Race, LePage tells Newssource 8 he has regained residency in the state and will begin exploratory functions for a gubernatorial recampaign effort.

Lepage says quote, "You're very observant...the answer is YES! We are working on it I wanna see what happens this year with the election. My wife and I have a home in Florida we are gonna be here in March and April and I won't go back until next winter but we're gonna be residents in Maine."