Washburn hires new officer with funds from COPS grant

WASHBURN, Maine - Washburn officials have been discussing adding a third officer to the police department for several months. Thanks to the recently-received COPS grant through the Department of Justice's Office of Community Oriented Police Services, they've now made that a reality. The grant requires towns to hire officers for a minimum of three years. Chief Cyr Martin says the grant also covers the cost of an officer attending the Police Academy.

"Now with the COPS grant, 75 percent of that will be paid, so that again will help the town on less money for that third position. Granted it's only three years, and then after, the fourth year you need - the town has to commit to paying - keeping that officer on. But it's a great - great program to help smaller departments who just don't have that money right now when we need it," says Cyr Martin.