Washburn man facing multiple charges

WASHBURN, Maine - Washburn police arrested a man Saturday night who was wanted in connection with a July traffic stop in Perham.

According to Sgt. Jarad Carney of the Washburn Police Department, 47-year-old Edward Saucier was arrested the evening of August 31st by Washburn Police Officer Ed Dubie.

On July 19th, Sgt. Matt Cummings of the Aroostook county Sheriff’s Office was on patrol in Perham, when he encountered a vehicle that was noted to have several motor vehicle defects. Sgt. Cummings conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle on the High Meadow Road and was able to identify the driver as Edward Saucier, 47, of Washburn.

Sgt. Cummings determined that Saucier was operating after suspension, habitual offender and was out on four sets of conditions of release stemming from previous unrelated arrests. According to the Sheriff’s Office, while Sgt. Cummings was in his cruiser, Saucier was able to jump out of the passenger side of the vehicle he was stopped in and fled into the woods. Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate Saucier. A warrant of arrest was issued for Saucier for operating after habitual offender suspension, violation of conditions of release and refusal to submit to arrest or detention.

Saucier was transported to the Aroostook County Jail. Washburn Police were assisted by the State Police and U.S. Border Patrol.