Wednesday marked the highest positive case count for the state of Maine

Maine CDC reported an increase of 78 new COVID 19 cases. This now bring the states total cases to 1,819. Maine's CDC director says there is a reason for the jump.

"This increase is not a surprise. As expected with increased testing comes increased cases. As we continues to move toward increasing the total testing that's available across the state we do anticipate seeing continued increases in the number of cases state wide, that being said, these increases underscore the need for us to keep our public health vigilance up even though the virus may not be recorded in every single corner of the state, we know that is can spread and thus another reason for the increase number of cases is the continued transmission of COVID 19 across certain counties in the state." Dr. Shah, Maine CDC director

Of the 1,819 total cases, 1,632 of those are confirmed, while 187 are probable. 1,110 people have recovered and 73 who had tested positive with COVID 19 have passed away. Aroostook County remains at eight cases, five of those are reported as recovered.