Why Vaccinating Your Pets is Important

Pets need vaccinations to prevent harmful diseases like parvovirus

"They don't feel like there's a risk to not vaccinating cause they don't really see these diseases that we're vaccinating against," Jonah Babiarz, veterinarian and co-owner of Presque Isle Animal Hospital, said.

Without proper vaccines, pets can get sick and spread harmful diseases to other animals and even humans.

"They're gonna get those diseases that we're vaccinating against. Not always but definitely sometimes and more often in some than in others," Babiarz said.

"Vaccines are very inexpensive, they're efficacious, meaning that they're safe. They are of great benefit in reducing the risk and incidents of diseases. Some diseases are zoonotic that we vaccinate for. Zoonotic is just a term we use for diseases that can be spread from animals to people," James Hotham, veterinarian and owner of Hotham's Veterinary Service, said.

If your pet does need a vaccine and you are behind on them or your pet doesn't have any at all, Hotham says to sit down and talk with your vet about what they need first.

"Make an appointment and you know sit down with your veterinarian and they can help you what vaccines are most appropriate for your pet. Rabies is required. That's a state law. Cats and dogs are supposed to have rabies vaccines," Hotham said.

He says the main message is to vaccinate your pets. Try to save up to afford them so you don't lose a beloved member of your family.