Winter safety for vehicles and pedestrians

Published: Dec. 22, 2017 at 10:36 AM EST
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The onset of winter brings on safety concerns for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the County.

The Town of Houlton says their goal is to maintain safety for everyone who travels the 16 miles of sidewalks and 74 miles of roads each and every day.

The public works department strives to maintain these passages to make them as safe as possible.

Police in Houlton say that winter weather not only causes the road surface be unpredictable, but also that snow fall brings high snow banks, creating obstructed views for both vehicle operators and pedestrians.

The Houlton Police Department says it is the responsibility of both vehicle operators and pedestrians to use extreme caution in the winter conditions.

Town Manager Bill MacDonald is available for the public to contact him with concerns about specific issues on roadways and sidewalks.

In response to public safety concerns, the Houlton Police Department will have fluorescent vests and “ice grippers” for foot wear available to the public upon request at the police station.