If you are thinking about filling a pool, a fire hydrant isn't the way to do it

With the warmer weather recently, some people were thinking of filling up their pool. However, if you are filling a pool, you shouldn't use a fire hydrant.

While using a hydrant may be quicker, it can be very dangerous.

"Turning it on is dangerous there's a lot of water that wants to head towards that fire hydrant if its open and closing the fire hydrant is just as important if not more so than the act of opening it because you're stopping a whole lot of water and it has to be done over a long period of time, several seconds, or you can burst the pipes in the street or you can dislodge the hydrant from it's fitting and it would be dangerous and be a disaster so no one should ever operate a fire hydrant," Frank Kearney, Superintendent of Presque Isle Utilities District, said.

He adds that if you are caught using a hydrant, you can be charged with theft of services. He recommends just using a garden hose or you can have someone transport water to fill your pool.